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How to start a business

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Hee, it have been a long time since my last time blog 🤣 so to make a new start, i will tell how to start a business for those who ask 😅
Bear in mind that i am still new and learning, so don't expect my words sounds like those expertise 😂 . Okay here we go;
1. Start small     For a first timer, i advice to be a dropship first. What is dropship? (Google please) dia macam you tolong jual barang orang lain. For me, before you start doing big, the small are counts 😬 Try be a DS first. Learn on how to interact with customer and handle order. After that you choose weither you are capable to make a business or not? Ocheyy?
2. Earn money by your saving as your first investment's sources (modal)     Why savings? Sebab simpanan ni benda kita sayang so that kita akan kerja keras untuk memastikan modal kita tak burn begitu sahaja 🙈 Start sikit dulu jangan tamak start business in big amounts 😅
3. Noted all flow in flow out     Write all the expenses involving your…

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